Saying goodbye

rock painting be happy saying goodbye

Last week, I said goodbye to my grandmother.

Life goes on. You turn a page, a chapter, but the story is still there. A story, a life you’d like to celebrate somehow. Something happy, poetic maybe.

Naming a star? Perfect, but say gimmicky when you look into it. A rose, then? Opportunities are rare and amazingly expensive. A bench along a favorite walk? Not possible yet in France. A tree added to a forest? Yes – but you cannot visit it, make it a little more personal.

Were I rich, I would buy land, where people could plant a tree, come and see it through time. Part of it would be an orchard. There would be wild flowers, picnic tables, benches, hives and anyone could come and help the gardeners, for an hour or a day. A little shop would sell with jars of honey, cordial, jams, all made on site and wild flower seeds, to take home or sow in the forest.

I know that death is a business, that funeral homes just add and add to the bill. I’m just surprised no one came up with ways to sweeten the after…


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