Life is fragile


Life is fragile egg box 4

I drove down to France for my grandmother‘s funeral. Farnborough > Andernos, near Bordeaux, stopping only for coffee and fuel.

The following day felt surreal. Not knowing what to do, I walked to the market. I bought simple but beautiful things. A couple heritage tomatoes, radishes, real butter, eggs.

They came in a funky little packaging, made a little clumsily by the cheese-monger’s neighbor, who had hens. A strange structure, between papier mâché the same color the sky was and Brutalist architecture, held together by a fragile set of rubber bands so tense they looked about to snap.

So fragile and so delicate, it was incredibly touching. At that moment, I felt exactly like that box. Holding everything together, trying not to fall apart.

There is beauty in patched up things. A friend, today, reminded me that there is much love there too…

Life is fragile egg box egg box  Life is fragile egg box 3 beautiful farm egg


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