Apple blossoms

apple blossom spring garden eggcup

Last year, I was in Japan, enjoying sakura time – cherry flower season. They bloomed slowly, beautifully, constellations of white or pink petals… 2020 came along and all travel plans collapsed. Life slowed down, refocused on simple things: cooking, reading, painting. I would sit in the garden, notice new leaves here and there. Little confetti rained on me one morning, brushing my cheek gently, landing in my coffee. The tree I was sitting under has magically switched seasons overnight, offering thousands of delicate apple blossoms, peach tinted on the outside, a pure snow colour inside.

For weeks, I enjoyed peaceful moments in its shade, listening to the soft humming of bees above me, wondering what such honey would taste like. I could recall all kind of mouthwatering nectars tasted along the years. Acacia, chestnut, heather, thyme… but apple blossom, indeed, is a rare find. I would dream of having my own hives, having tried tried my hand at beekeeping a while back. Get tipsy on the scent, half way between acacia and jasmine. A journey on my own…


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