The first sip of wine

the first sip of wine

Three weeks ago, in Andernos. Feels a lifetime away. Returning from the market with seasonal tomatoes and fruit, creamy goat’s cheese, a pine nuts tartlet, local wine.

A moment of calm in a storm of emotions. Surreal but much needed.

Ironically, it took me over an hour to open the Pomerol, having only found a Sommelier type of bottle opener. It refused to stay put against the rim, making it impossible to get the cork out. I watched YouTube videos, Facetimed “expert” friends… You simply cannot, if you’re from the region (Bordeaux), knock on the neighbours’ door and ask for help. The shame! In the end, with much, much patience, the bottle gave up.

Oh, how divine the first sip of wine can be, when so much earned!


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