Menthe Pastille

Menthe Pastille Giffard

I brought back a bottle of Menthe Pastille from Anjou (France).
Ever heard of it? This digestif, served on crushed or cubed ice, tastes just the same as my favourite childhood treats, mints by La Pie qui Chante.
The irony? It was created in 1885 by Emile Giffard, a local pharmacist and herbalist who brought peppermint back from… England. He wanted to make a liqueur from inspired by the sweets he had tried during his journey. It proved such a success he turned his shop into a distillery.
🍃🍸🍃 Give it a try! I found in Carrefours in several parts of the country for a mere 12 Euros. Sure to wow guests at a dinner party!


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