5 ways to embrace autumn

Embrace autumn - handful of conkers

Goodbye summer! September 23 officially marks the beginning of autumn. The days are now significantly shorter and chillier. Here are a few tips to make the most of what can be a vibrant, fascinating season…

Go foraging

A long walk along countryside paths offer a plentiful bounty still: look out for apples, hazelnuts, walnuts, juicy blackberries and elderberries… And do bring a flask of hot water too and add aromatic herbs along the way: wild marjoram, meadowsweet are particularly fragrant but do try rosehip too (cut in half, clean the inside, soak the skin for 20 minutes)! Make the most of the day out and be a kid again. You can’t beat jumping through a pile of dry leaves!

Get cooking

Time to make stews and soups from autumn vegetables: wonderful comfort food that can be easily frozen and cheer you up this winter. Add to these crumbles, best enjoyed on rainy days, curled up on the sofa with a steaming cup of tea. And jam, who will make perfect Christmas gifts in a few months. Let alone the house will fill up with gorgeous scents…

Do some autumn cleaning

As satisfying as a spring deep cleaning! Time to clear up wardrobes and kitchen cupboards, bring unwanted items to charity shops and food banks, get the house in order before spending a few months indoor… Don’t know where to start, too much to declutter? Do yourself a favour and find a cleaner, even for a few sessions. A tidy home means a sharpened mind, after all…

Prepare the garden for spring

Always a heart warming thought… Get ready to plant daffodil, tulip and allium bulbs for a stunning spring display. You can also sow cornflower, poppies and wildflower seeds to have your very own meadow when warmer days return. If you live in a flat, cheer up: there is always space for basil, coriander, thyme on the windowsill or a few pots of luscious indoor plants near the sofa. Evergreen glossy green leaves soothe away any blues feeling.

Slow down

Our rhythm naturally slows down in autumn. While hibernating is not an option for us, enjoying the moment, a ray of sunshine with your morning coffee for example, is… Or simply finally taking the time to read these books you have been piling up. Nothing better than escaping through words when you can’t travel!

Do you have a fantastic way to enjoy the change of season we haven’t mentioned yet? Do share in the comments below.


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