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RAVE coffee

There is an espresso for every mood. Citrusy to sharpen the mind, spicy to add a sparkle to the day, caramelly to replace dessert… Reading the description of a blend always feel like reading a haiku of sorts. Toffee, Pear, Clementine. Chocolate, Cedar, Smokey. And while I miss working from my beloved London cafés, trendy and buzzing with life, I can at least enjoy high quality brews at home. Meet my new Love at first sip: RAVE . Coffee roasters with a passion for quality speciality coffee. Coffee so perfect the scent, when opening a new pack is pure therapy.

The more you know about coffee,
the better it tastes

Coffee can take you on an extraordinary journey. My subscription box included precious leaflets. It draws you in, if only because there always is some questions you have never dared to ask. From cherry to bean – what happens in between? Which grind (fine, medium, coarse) works best for which brewing method? Simple explanations that makes everything make sense, like pieces of a puzzle.

You also learn the perfect way to manoeuvre your V60, your Chemex, or that Moka pot you fell in love with but never dared to use. You will even consider experimenting with cold brew by adding sparkling water or gin. It’s amazingly… empowering. Knowing little things like the right ratio to use for espresso alone makes you feel smarter.

RAVE coffee RAVE coffee

Heavenly Blends

RAVE make unique, complex flavours by blending single-origin coffee. Each order is roasted fresh (let alone by hand) for the ultimate taste experience when it gets through your letterbox. I brewed some of their Signature Blend, transferred it to a flask and took it with me on a forest stroll. Nothing better than sips of espresso after a long walk. It was… enchanting, indulgent, a waltz of evolving flavours. Think chocolate, caramel, almond and hazelnut with a gentle citrus note. The kind of coffee that stops you in your thoughts, makes you lick your lips, anchors you in the present. 100% joy. Pair it with buttery shortbreads or moist walnut cake.

The website offers an incredible selection. Ethiopia Nazimu Abamecha No 93 carries notes of  Chocolate, Citrus, Jasmine and Bergamot. Colombia Villamaria Sugarcane Decaf No 58, a clever sugarcane decaf, reveals Brown Sugar, Guava & Tropical Fruits. Each comes with information about the farm, process used and brewing tips. You will want to try them all…

RAVE coffee

Beans, Blends, Pods, Subscription Boxes…

Yep. They’ve got it all: green coffee beans, Cold Brew blends, (compostable) pods designed for Nespresso machines…  It’s a coffee lover’s dream. A section even is dedicated to brewing equipment. Proud of my newly acquired knowledge, I decided to switch from my simple cafetière to an Aeropress. A friend advised a reusable metal filter, which helps tasty natural oils usually absorbed by paper filters. Clever, sustainable – I’m quite excited to take it all on a road trip!

Even better: you can get get £5 off your first order here.
Go on. Show the world you are now a coffee whizz-kid.

RAVE coffee


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