How to write to the Royal Family

how to write to the queen

I was fascinated, in the fourth season of The Crown, by the trolley of daily mail brought to Diana. It does make you wonder… How many letters does the Queen receive daily (300 apparently)? And were I to upgrade my Christmas Christmas card list to the royal level, were would I start? Let me get you started:

Which address do I use?

    • Her Majesty The Queen​ – Buckingham Palace – London SW1A 1AA – UK
    • HRH Duke of Edinburg – Buckingham Palace – London SW1A 1AA – UK
    • TRH Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall – Clarence House – London SW1A 1BA – UK
    • TRH Duke & Duchess of Cambridge – Clarence House – London SW1A 1BA – UK
    • HRH Duke of York – Buckingham Palace – London SW1A 1BA – UK
    • TRH Earl & Countess of Wessex – Bagshot Park – Bagshot – Surrey GU19 5PL – UK
    • TRH Duke & Duchess of Gloucester – Kensington Palace – London W8 4PU – UK
    • TRH Duke & Duchess of Kent – St James’s Palace – London SW1A 1BQ – UK

Will I get an answer?

It might take some time, due to the volume of mail received, but yes, you most likely will. Keep it mind that this will be done by a trusted lady-in-waiting, equerry or secretary, not the royal themselves (that said, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall is known to often personally sign her correspondence). But the thought is there and the pleasure to get an official letter from a palace the same. Even better… letters/cards for a birthday, anniversary or special event often get a photograph linked to the celebration.

Can I send a gift?

Children often write to the Queen and send a drawing – no problem there. Photographs are fine too. Gifts, however, often are returned to the sender.

Tips on form?

According to the official royal website, when writing to the Queen, you can open with ‘Madam’ and close the letter with the form ‘I have the honour to be, Madam, Your Majesty’s humble and obedient servant’. But worry not: any less formal style will be accepted. For any male members of the family, you can open with ‘Sir’  – but you can also choose to use ‘Your Royal Highness’ where appropriate for both men and women.

When writing to the Queen, you should use Your Majesty’ any time you use ‘you’ – for example, ‘your work’ should actually be ‘Your Majesty’s work’. For any other Royal, it should be ‘Your Royal Highness’ [work]’. This isn’t compulsory, but is considered good practise.

Other tips? Want to share the letters you received after writing to a royal? Leave us a message in the comments below!



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