Anno Extreme 95: meet the world’s strongest gin

Anno Extreme 95 Gin

Some days call for a strong drink. Long work hours, tough news – something to reset us, anchor us in reality. Or simply take the tiredness away after ticking every box on our to do list. Meet Anno Extreme 95, distilled to perfection and the world’s strongest gin.

Punch and flavour

It takes just one sip to understand how different it is. Crystal clear, powerful, yes, a robustness that seems to transfer its strength to you. Yet incredibly harmonious and packed with botanicals! Juicy grapefruit, warm liquorice and nutmeg as well as juniper, coriander, cassia, eucalyptus and Kentish hop offer complex, enchanting notes for a long, fully enjoyable finish.

40 servings per bottle

The beauty of it? It’s so neat, so fragrant, you just need 5 ml (instead of the usual 50 ml) in your glass to have a perfect G&T. Add tonic water, a slice of grapefruit or bruised rosemary – that’s all it needs. Pure satisfaction…


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