Mon Panier Latin: food shopping, as if you were in a French supermarket

Mon Panier Latin: food shopping, as if you were in a French supermarket

17 years in England. Time really flies. I’m often asked whether I miss France much. Tricky question: yes, no, sometimes, maybe. It does not feel that far: by jumping on a plane or a Eurostar, I can be with my family in half a day. I do enjoy going back whether exploring my home region or discovering another. And yes, yes, I will confess to stopping at a supermarket every single time and filling a trolley with LU biscuits, Côte d’Or chocolate, Coquillettes… Favourites – as much for the taste than for memories of good times with loved ones.

Then 2020 happened. A sci-fi worthy year. For the first time, I will spend Christmas here. The wreath is on the door, the tree is up and lit, the presents are wrapped and ribboned. The sparkle is there but something is missing. A little bell sound: an email from Mon Panier Latin. On this site, all the products we French cherish. We love England, we do. But nothing can replace a Petit Ecolier in our heart.

If you have enjoyed holidays in France, surfing My Panier Latin will bring so many memories back… You can even order some proper tartiflette or raclette cheese, to be delivered within 2 days. The joy!

Even better: use the code MERCICORALIE to get £10 off your first £35 order (offer valid until January 15, 2021). We may not be able to travel to France as easily as we wish but a slice of France can come our way…

Click here to discover Mon Panier Latin!



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