Simple tricks to elevate your fashion style

4 ways to elevate your fashion style

Fashion (following trends, checking your favourite brands’ new collections) is one thing. Style, on the other hand, is a way to express yourself and your creativity and, most importantly, have a little fun while on the go! If you are looking to elevate your outfit and set yourself apart from the rest, here are some easy styling tricks we recommend:

Invest in ONE handbag

We know the feeling. It is ever so tempting, when seeing an budget-friendly, pretty handbag, to add it to your growing collection… They end up in a drawer, forgotten. Or they break. How about putting all your resources together and choose a gorgeous, high-quality, signature one indeed? We love Italian handbags on online marketplaces such as Mirta, crafted from the best leathers. After all, a good handbag is like a best friend!

 Add a statement accessory piece

Not only do eye-catching accessories add personality to your looks, they often are great ice-breakers. Make sure to choose one that comes with a story. A brooch that symbolises a part of your childhood, a scarf found on a travel… They will make any outfit look more unique.

Shop for more tailored pieces

Worth every penny – whether you get a tailor to design them for you or get a shirt, a skirt you have bought elsewhere amended to fit perfectly. Little details like a better shaped waist makes such a difference: instant confidence!

Incorporate vintage pieces

Vintage does not mean expensive. And it can be a real joy treasure hunting in specialised second hand or online. You can go the whole way and embrace an era (70ies hype, anyone?) or mix and match the latest collections with gems from the past. Even better: it so much more sustainable than buying new.

Not sure where to start? Easy: start with the simplest dress you have and add one piece at a time, see what works, what gives it more character. Or try mini collections – 2 or 3 brooches that can work together on a denim jacket. You will have your outfit jazzed up in no time. Give it a try!



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