New Town lemon and basil gin

Wharf Distillery: lemon and basil gin

This little gem of a gin was designed by Wharf Distillery: Northamptonshire’s only independent small-batch copper-pot grain to glass distillery. True artisans, creating elegant spirits and liqueurs from raw materials and local ingredients.

A fragrant journey

Looking for a twist to my beloved Vesper (the first martini James Bond ordered, in Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale), I tried their New Town’s lemon and basil gin. The journey sounds there, as soon as you open the bottle… Juniper, of course, enchanting as always. There’s a zestiness too, sweet, creamy almost that immediately appeases the senses.

Time for a taste. 40%, yes, but it’s one of these supple, smooth gins that you could nurse and sip part of the evening. The lemon zing is immediate, with a gorgeous basil, midsummer day finish. So close to the real thing, you need no garnish, just ice cubes. Even better, just keep it in the fridge, ready to be mixed in a cocktail!

Exciting flavours

In these endless lockdown times, we all have turned to motionless travels. Photographs of gorgeous locations visited, adventure books, recipes from exotic countries… Why not try Wharf Distillery’s other flavours? Their sweet orange and subtle pomegranate gin will transport you to the southern states of America, their fruity mango and light refreshing cucumber one to the East Coast of Africa. If you’re more in a cocooning, stay inside by the fire mood, try their autumn berries and subtle warming spices recipe instead.

Strong, poetic, inspiring… there’s a gin for every mood!


Wharf Distillery: lemon and basil gin vesper


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