Treats, delivered: Cutter and Squidge

Cutter and Squidge treats, cakes, truffles, macarons, biskies

Cakes rock my world. And while I do enjoy baking, stopping by a tea room or pâtisserie always was a favourite treat. Counters filled with delights, pretty decorations, associations of flavours I had not encountered before…  A joy embraced regularly in a pre-Covid world, going to London a few times a week. No fancy bakery of café in my little Hampshire town, the nearest one is a 30 minutes away. On Instagram, life on the sweet side continues… But very few iconic London places actually deliver decadent cakes, viennoiseries or doughnuts outside the M25.

Meet the Biskie

A parcel arrived on a rainy Monday, a gift from my beloved sweet-toothed friend Nadia. Inside, an incredible assortment by  Cutter and Squidge, which flagship Soho store is famous for inventing the Biskie:  a cross between biscuit/cookie/cake creation filled with a fluffy buttercream. Both tender, moist and comforting. It’s difficult to know where to start: strawberry cheesecake like? Salted caramel Smore? Chocolate Billionaire? Each is equally lip-licking good.

Cutter and Squidge biskies

Cake truffles and macarons too

The Squidge selection box also includes moreish cake truffles. They have this wonderful, rich consistency that says “Eat me: I am pure happiness”.  Zingy raspberry, tantalising blueberry, irresistible strawberry: it’s difficult to believe they’re vegan, an added bonus! Last but not least are the macarons, with the lightest, most delicate shell I ever have encountered: edible jewels. The passionfruit is a tropical journey of its own.

Cutter and Squidge truffles

Happiness by post

Go on. Treat yourself or a loved one. The Squidge box is big enough for 4 to share and will make a splendid afternoon tea. And make sure you check out their Valentine’s day Biskie box – each treat shaped as a delicate shell, opening onto luscious strawberry vanilla buttercream, topped with white chocolate pearl filled with peach nectar. Wow. Just wow.

Click here for Cutter and Squidge treats

Cutter and Squidge macarons


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