5 online Murder Mystery Games to wake up the Sherlock Holmes in you

These long winter days have been the opportunity to cocoon indoors. We’ve finally gone through that pile of books by the bed, made sourdough bread, watched all the Netflix Scandi Noir series friends had recommended.  Can’t wait for the next iconic show to be released? These immersive online murder mystery experiences are sure to channel your inner detective…

Murder Mystery Online: The Big Cat Murder Mystery

The Big Cat Murder Mystery

Perfect for those who got addicted to Tiger King… Yes, we’re taking you back to Joe Exotic’s animal park, now under new ownership. There’s been an arson attack and the sheriff asks you to help with the investigation. Among the suspects are a mysterious cult leader with 7 wives, a tattered country music star, and a curious documentary maker… Be warned: some of them will share their statement musically. Wynnewood County Zoo never disappoints!

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Murder Mystery Online: Sherlock and the Palace Assassin

Sherlock and the Palace Assassin

A thrilling Cluedo style game. There has been a peculiar death at the palace: someone has murdered the butler! There are suspects galore but worry not: five actors will be on hand to guide you through the scenes. Up to you to ask the right questions, collect the clues and uncover the culprit. You might even pretend you live at 221b Baker Street for a while. The
Sherlock theme is also known among those who prefer playing online slots games. For example, Electric Elephant released the latest Sherlock themed slot called Sherlock Bones, last year in December.

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Murder Mystery Online: 12 Angry Guests: A Virtual Jury Experience

12 Angry Guests: A Virtual Jury Experience

The scene is set in 1957. A young man has been discovered at the scene of a crime: the murder of a federal state officer, just three blocks away from Times Square. He. of course, claims his innocence. Eye witnesses and the NYPD insist he is not. It’s now up to you to weigh the evidence, listen to statements and make the call: set him free or condemn him for life…

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Murder Mystery Online: Whodunnit? Macmillan Murder Mystery

Whodunnit? Macmillan Murder Mystery

This one is for a good cause! While the game is free to play, you are encouraged to create a charity page on Virgin Money Giving and ask your fellow participants to help raise a little money to support the charity. Remember – even little sums can make a big difference! The game can now begin. The storyline is simple enough. You’re enjoying a well-earned holiday on a Caribbean cruise when Dr Denzil McDogood is found dead in the pavilion pool. You and your party guests all have a motive for murder and all eight of you are suspects. It’s up to you to work out what really happened…

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Murder Mystery Online: my deadly Valentine

My deadly Valentine

Novelist Nora Chance is over the moon: her latest book, 100 Shades of Love, is quite a hit. As is her latest love story: she is getting married. Ah, wait: for the fourth time. None of her previous grooms have lived long enough to meet her at the altar. Are these mysterious death, just before the ceremony a coincidence or mere bad luck? It’s up to you to discover what went on behind the scenes…

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