Cheers to this: Brewdog offers its bars & pubs as Covid-19 vaccination centres

BrewDog pubs vacination hubs 2

It started with a few lines on Facebook, months back. Just a joke. “If Covid-19 vaccines took place in pubs, the whole country would be vaccinated within a week”. Sadly, this is not only linked to vaccine hesitancy: almost 1 in 4 people in England live quite a distance from a vaccination hub. Many hospitality places, closed for the time being, are offering to help: they’d rather be of help then staying depressively empty. One of these modern day heroes is famous Scottish craft beer brewer Brewdog.

A call on social media

From being carbon negative to donating 500,000 bottles of hand sanitiser last year, BrewDog have clearly defined their philosophy as community-focused, much further than the comfort a pint of beer offers. Hearing the new challenges 2021 would bring, James Watt, CEO and co-founder of the brand, put a call out on social media offering health secretary, Matt Hancock, and Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon the use of their venues as vaccination hubs:  “We have waiting areas, huge refrigerators, separate rooms for vaccinations and ace teams who can help organise.” 

Double cause for celebration

Stepping back into a pub should always come with the chance of raising a toast to small and big joys in life. And yes, these crazy times mean than getting a jab is one of these… A fact fully recognised by Brewdog who promise to give everyone who gets vaccinated at a BrewDog venue a special commemorative beer. The public even is invited to choose its name. Vaccine Canteen ? Jab Lab? Take your pick.

The talks with officials are still ongoing. Let’s finger cross: bubbly times ahead! In the meantime, have a look at their Lockdown Lager (a guava and grapefruit pilsner) and Lockdown survival kit…. BrewDog pubs vacination hubs


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