The window treatment: let’s talk about blinds

Blinds instead of curtains

It struck me on my last journey abroad, staying in the sweetest boutique hotels and Airbnbs. Gone were the draped curtains, replaced by delightful blinds. And oh, the variety simply was fascinating: sheer fabric for gentle lighting, Roman styled for a timeless, elegant touch, incredibly creative for an arty vibe. I fell in love.

My quest for the perfect blinds occasionally left me a little confused. Some websites make a rather complicated affair and left me with more questions than I had started with. Thankfully, DotComBlinds came to the rescue. Think user-friendly website, easy-to-understand adviceĀ  let alone a real understanding of customer service and care. 35 years of experience, brilliant reviews and UK manufacturer and suppliers. It makes such a difference.

Wondering whether you, too, should switch over to blinds? Need some convincing? Here are a few key points to tip you over…

Blinds make your rooms more spacious

Curtains can be absolutely stunning but do easily overwhelm a room… and take more volume than you expected. Simply focusing on the window itself, freeing space on each side of it, will instantly make a living room or bedroom less cluttered.

Use blinds to soften the light

Blinds give you so much more control on how much light you let in a room. More importantly, you can choose the atmosphere that fits the moment: full bright, poetic, romantic…

There is one for every room

Really. You can fit blinds anywhere. Try faux-wood designs for kitchens: easy to clean and instant home sweet home vibe. You can also get moisture resistant ones, perfect for bathrooms where condensation often is an issue.

Keep things interesting

Blinds come in an incredible palette of colours… but also fabrics, textures and patterns. They can make as much of a statement in a room than a vibrant wallpaper. Go on. be bold.

Get a restful night

If you are wondering whether blind can bed as efficient as to keep your bedroom into total darkness, worry not. Blackout roller blinds fully block out any ray of sunshine that would otherwise leak into your room.

The future is here

Wide roller blinds will bring a sophisticated look to flats with large bay windows overlooking the city… Even better, make them electric and show off a little.

Be kind to your budget

In winter, much of the heat generated from our heating is lost to windows. Curtains, often left to cover the radiators, do not necessarily fix the issue. Insulated blinds, however, are an easy way to keep those energy bills down…

The possibilities are endless. You could use gorgeous blinds to partition a room, combine sheer blinds with curtains for a dramatic effect… Give it a try and do tag me in your pictures!



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