5 important car care tips before heading for a long drive

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Planning a road trip soon? Long drives are best enjoyed with peace of mind. Who wants to risk getting in trouble because of your car breaking down or malfunctioning? For a memorable adventure, here are 5 car care tips to perform before getting on the road…

Examine your tyres and alignment

According to DingGo, injuries from non-fatal road accidents are on the up, yet there is so much you can do in advance to prevent them… Tyres are a major factor when it comes to driving a car. It’s important to have your tyres in great condition and this includes tyre tread depths, correct pressure levels and fitting tyres. This ensures you have a safe journey regardless of bad weather of either snow or rain. Therefore, replace worn-out tyres immediately.

MOT certificate should be up to date 

Having an up to date MOT certificate is very important as it is liable for every vehicle in the UK to have it. In case you are driving around with an expired MOT certificate, and a traffic  authority checks you, chances of you paying hefty amounts of fines can occur. MOT automatically saves you from unexpected vehicle breakdowns as important car checks are done during the MOT test making sure that your vehicle is fit to be driven around the UK and abiding by all vehicle safety laws. You can also book an appointment for MOT in London at DAT Tyres.

Check the exhaust system

A successful road trip is highly contributed by thoroughly checking your exhaust system to eliminate any risk of experiencing malfunctioning. Engine noises like hissing and popping is a sign of a faulty exhaust system. This could mean decreased power, improper release of poisonous gases and poor fuel efficiency. Look at the exhaust system properly to avoid damages.

Inspect lights and electric equipment

Effective functioning lights positively affect your MOT test. Your car’s headlights and warning lights should be working perfectly to ensure you have a safe trip. Windshield wipers, air conditioning system and car’s horns should also operate effectively for you to have a smooth trip.

Check battery’s performance

Being the life force of a vehicle, it’s essential to have it correctly inspected. Your trip could be ruined because of an unexpected stop amidst nowhere caused by your car battery breakdown after overlooking your car’s performance. Make sure your car’s battery is corrosion-free and tight to enjoy your trip. In case of leakages, it’s advisable to clean connectors using a wire brush.

Check on fluid levels

Top up your engine oil and brake fluids to have a healthy engine. Ensure your engine oil is always sufficient to avoid unnecessary stops. Furthermore, lubricating car parts using fluids such as brakes makes it easy and comfortable to drive.


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