Natura Bissé at The One Aldwych spa – blissful oxygen facial

Need intense relaxation, a real break from the outside world for an hour to get your serenity and radiance back? Trust me -  head for the sublime One Aldwych Spa and indulge in one of their treatments. The journey to peacefulness starts as you step in: first leaving the London traffic behind, then smiling at the cheerfulness at the Lobby bar with its extraordinary afternoon teas and cocktails and finally going down one level to the cocoon of the Natura Bissé rooms.

This Spanish beauty brand only has a handful of very exclusive addresses in the UK, making them even more precious. Funded in Barcelona in 1979, Natura Bissé was immediately a pioneer in cosmetics, using avant gardiste technology. To this day, the efficiency of their products is praised.

When I visited the One Aldwych spa last, their famous oxygen bubble was stopping for a week. Used first at the 2009 oscars, it never stopped fascinating – even Hollywood stars love it. Just imagine an oval tent filed with 99.5% oxygen. An extraordinarily pure quality of air, fluid, allowing you to breathe fully, deeply but also sharpen your thoughts. It’s such a contrast when you step in, you register the difference within the second. The light inside is dimmed, music has Amerindian and Asian vibes, reminding of a heartbeat. You take place on the massage table, heated, already relaxed and smiling.

On that day, I tested the luxurious Oxygen facial. The idea? Every day, the skin is suffocated by too much make-up, pollution, UV rays, free radicals. If you re-oxygenate it, it gets its natural shine ans elasticity back. The secret? Hydrogen Peroxyde which once under the epidermis will become water and oxygen, like an energy serum. The second main ingredient is the Oxy-flow which will detox the skin from carbon dioxide, improving its luminosity.

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Each step of the treatment will be explained to you, allowing you to understand the different textures and better appreciate them. First, the skin is cleansed and refreshed with a spray of the Tolerance Toner. This smells beautifully of elderflower and stimulates the natural production of collagen. Follows a Glyco Peel, rich in fruit acids, ideal to dissolve the dead cells. Very refreshing, a pleasant gel texture. For the coming 10 minutes while it pauses, your shoulders, arms, hands will be massaged. Ah, extra bliss!

Then is applied  the Oxygen Finishing Mask using Living Water. Wondering what this is? An extract from spirulin, an extraordinary seaweed, rich in amino acids, copper, manganese, potassium, zinc. Hop: purification, rehydration, firmness, protection, all in one. Once cleaned away is applied the Pure Serum which repairs the damaged cells. Last but not least, the Oxygen Cream which enhances the radiance and suppleness of the skin.

You’ve heard the science, but what of the reality? The experience is so, so soothing -  an hour of caresses and massages, alternating refreshing textures and you really feel the stress of the outside life disappearing. A look in the mirror and I am simply wowed. It has been years since I have seen my face so… rested, like new, so even. In an hour only! There isn’t even need for make-up, you feel amazing. Nothing can make this more perfect.

The bubble has now gone back to the Natura Bissé Spanish spa  but this fantastic Oxygen facial is still available at The One Aldwych Spa. Go! You have no idea what a difference it will make yo your day. Week. Month!

One Aldwych
Health Club
One Aldwych
London WC2B 4BZ


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  • I have heard a lot about their products. Natura Bissé is a very wellknown cosmetic brand because they say they make miracles! Although it is out of my budget, I die to try some if their things out, just to make sure what people say it is true ;)

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