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A week-end in London: May 18-21, 2012

A book to devour, just in case rain would decide to stay a little longer. No story but a collection of tips and anecdotes by Lucia Van der Post, one of England’s most elegant women. It reads like a conversation, offering the experience of a whole life on fashion, beauty, how to pack a case or amaze your guest with a wonderful dinner, even how to juggle work and family. Nothing complex, just pure good sense – things you can’t seee for yourself, sometimes because tou are so busy trying to keep everything together. This will save you so much time, take you to a different twist of your routine, give you a different angle. Oh and there are plenty of fab addresses in there too. Fancy more ideas for your week-end in London? Scroll down!

That’s art, baby!
* Thursday, enjoy opera on Trafalgar Square.
* Quick! Only a few days left to enjoy Babel, the immersive theater experience!
* See the Queen (well, in painting) at the National Portrait Gallery.
* Have a look at the splendid designs and cartography at the London Transport Museum. Mind the map!
* Dream of beautiful ballgowns at the V&A.
* Beautiful pictures of the past at the British Postal Museum.

Yummy time ahead:
* Brunch at Salvation Jane for their Maple french toast w crisp bacon, grilled bananas and candied pecans… their corn fritters stacked w crispy bacon, fresh rocket, slow roast tomatoes, chilli jam and crème fraiche… their toasted banana bread w honey ricotta… and so much more!
* Try The wild food kitchen – a supper club using a forager. Brilliant!
* Taste/test The Bowler, a new street food van getting more successful by the day. Their hit? Fabulous meatballs (with even a Swedish and a Thai twist).

Take the little ones along:
* Get to know everything about the stars with free workshops at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich.

Out of the ordinary:
* Beyond Retro celebrate their 10th birthday with burlesque (Thursday) and Hollywood 193oies style (Friday).
* Discover Stik’s latest pieces… guided by the artist himself.
* Marvel at a floating garden.
* Sport fan? Indulge in a 3 in 1 option: London +  guided tour + jogging.
* Oh! A garden party, with a liberty garden shed, music, giant floral decorations (Sunday)…


More than a theater play, Babel is… a life experience, another way to conceive a show. The story – although rich, funny and moving – is almost secondary. It all begins at the entrance of a park, for yes, it all takes place outdoors. The guests step in, welcomed in a variety of languages. On each side of the path, you can glimpses little scenes through the branches, frozen minutes into someone’s world, a movement reproduced a thousand time. Here, someone is ironing in the tree, another preparing vegetables on a bench, someone is reading a book aloud, another dining alone, looking worried… 50 or so raise your curiosity. Here and there, other characters wearing white, modern angels, smile at you, explaining mysteriously “Look hard”, “See more”, “The day has come”…

Suddenly, the way opens onto a meadow. In the background, a bells tower rising high, futuristic looking tents. Impossible to guess what will happen tonight. No specific stage, no seat. You are free to wander around, talk to the actors, discover everything. You will learn to knit, make a little piece of a plasticine city, have a drink, listen to the most beautiful talk on languages, a choir, a concert. It has a village fête feeling to it, a cheerfulness.

And then the story starts, actions happen all around you, sometimes a few steps away. Froms spectator, you switch to belonging to it all, you are in the very heart of it, the actors (300) do not only speak to each other, they include you, the crowd, their crowd. No moment is static. See here on the stage and oh, wait on the towers, and there projected on the stone wall. It is a show not to be watched but to be lived, making you want to do something for the universe you are immersed in. Spectacular indeed, unforgettable. What is it about? Peopl on their own and groups, the strength of community and the bravery of individuals, communications beyond language, freedom and so much more. You just have to be there and see this.

BABEL,until May 20, 2012

Indulge yourself with a ticket £10 for Sunday May 13 by calling 020 7223 2223 or visit promo code: Blogger.

A week-end in London: May 11-13, 2012

I love, in the London tube stations, look for little details. All of them have a secret to tell – maybe an art work, a beautiful mosaic, a detail from the past… What is your favourite one? Scroll down to find ideas for the week-end!

That’s art, baby:
* Indulge yourself with a ticket to see Babel – an amazing outdoors theater play of epic proportions. Get one for a mere £10 for Sunday May 13 by calling 020 7223 2223 or visit promo code: Blogger.
* On Saturday, the London Symphony Orchestra will delight music lovers on Trafalgar Square.
* Hermès celebrate 175 years of exquisite skills with a free exhibition that will make any fashionista sigh in envy.
* Have a look at artists’ studios in Wimbledon.

Yummy time ahead:
* Until Friday, go hunting for free Ben & Jerry’s ice creams.
* So many treats to choose from at Street Feast, a night market, every Friday in Shoreditch.

Take the little ones along:
* The Punch & Judy festival in Covent Garden always is worth the detour -  even better, it’s free.
* Dream with the miniature world of doll houses -  a whole festival in Kensington.
* Add to the magic and enjoy Narnia in Kensington Gardens.

Out of the ordinary:
* Be zen and celebrate Bouddha’s birthday at Leicester square.
* Saturday, Morris dancers will make Westminster so much more cheerful.
* Another look at the jubilee but on the stamps side.


This Week End in London

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