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A week-end in London: April 12-15, 2012

I love April skies. Indecisive, tortured. A ray of sunshine, a shower of rain, the sudden music of hail. Of course, it may lead to a certain surcharge (shirt, scarf, hood, sunglasses -  be prepared for everything. In the same day.) But as dusk approaches, clouds take a velvety appearance, get painted with even brighter colours if only for a minute, like a luxurious marble… Get your umbrella and scroll down to discover ideas for your week-end in London!

That’s art baby!
* Rediscover London through photographs of its past at the Wandworth museum

Be amazed by Cate Blanchett, on the stage of the Barbican for a few days only.

Yummy-time ahead:
* Fall for the “Afternoon tea in the park” hampers by Bea’s . Ah, if only we also could order some sun!

* This week-end, the Southbank market celebrates India.

* Dine as on the Titanic -  the final menu is recreated at Hix for the centenary.

* A mobile tea-room – love it! Follow it in Soho.

Take the little ones along:
* A delicious idea from Carluccio’s: a biscuit workshop for bakers-to-be.

* Take them to see the newborn ducklings -  nothing could be cuter.

Out of the ordinary:
* On Thursday, shop rock’n’roll at a cute themed vintage market.

* Abracadabra, have a look at the Magic Circle Museum.

* On Friday, indulge in a free concert at the V&A, a mix of jazz and Indian music.

* Every Sunday until the end of August, the Spitafields City Farm proposes an outdoor “eco-chic” market -  worth a detour if you are around Brick Lane.

* Did you know you can swap your books on Carnaby street?

* On Sunday, to celebrate the Olivier Awards, the place to be will be the Covent garden Piazza with performances from top West End shows.

* Or celebrate Thai new year at the amazing temple in Wimbledon -  exoticism guaranteed. Or just stop by at Trafalgar square.

A week-end in London: July 22-24, 2011

I am counting the days to the holidays. You know, prisonner like, crossing them out. I know they are not so far away but looking at the piles of files on my desk, it looks like the wall of China is between me and them. And so I look at London who also derives towards dreamy places. Here a hotel becomes a narrowboat (or vice-versa), close to a floating restaurant. A parking is sublimed by a classical music concert. Camping becomes urban and with a view. Even spas head toward the garden.

Are you trying to escape too? Well, I can help you make it to the week-end at least. Print this page. Thanks to Thrillist, you can have a free cocktails, a French twist the Pimm’s. Instead of the classic British aperitif, this one is made with my favourite Bordeaux alcohol, Lillet. A delight.

All re-energised to go and enjoy London!

* Learn to dance tango in Spitafields. It’s free. And romantic. And sexy.

* Movie fan? Take place on the Dalston roofs.

* Have tea in a historical house with Bea’s of Bloomsbury. We love her cupcakes.

* Just a year left before the Olympic games and London is celebrating with 1000 events.

* Discover the Brixton murals.

* There is quite a party on Whitecross street and street art will be involved too.

* Do you like Chinese shadows?

* Discover British wines at the Borough Market.

* Nike proposes free sport sessions in London parks.

* Art will make you smile on the Central Line.

* Soho celebrates short-movies until July 29. go and see them at the Curzon, the Apple Store, the Hospital Club…

* Do you have a bike? A few cafés for you this way.

* We love these new themed tours of London: fashion, foodie, art on Bond Street…

* Missing the royal wedding atmosphere? Have another dose!

Pssst: Always wanted to discover the view from the BT tower? Book here.

Post-it for the week-end: March 18-20, 2011

What a week! I have cheered spring, friendship, the royal wedding to come, the wonderful Irish people, summer collections and treats from the South of France… Tell me, what will you celebrate this week-end?

- It’s St Patrick’s! Why not try Chin Chin Lab‘s special ice cream for the occasion? The Black Velvet mixes Guinness, Monmouth espresso,Whiskey, & Chocolate Cake!
- Cakes and sushis unite for the best cause this Friday…
- Bee happy! This pop-up willl be honey sweet from jellies to cocktails!
- Pet Shop Boys in a musical – strange but it does look pretty good…
- Spot the difference
- This week-end, the Slow Food Market is all about cheese and wineCafé On will be there too with their gorgeous macaroons.
- Why wait for the desert to enjoy cupcakes?
- The Somerset House turns artistic
- Love skate-boarding? Take note of that one
- The Grant Museum reopens..
- Bea’s launches a Mad Hatter party
- One of Hyde Park’s little secrets
- Wouldn’t that go well with a sophisticated coffee?
- How about trying the Nomad Cinema?
- You can now enjoy Lily Vanilli’s cakes at Drink, Shop & Do before jumping in a Eurostar!

Pssst: For the royal wedding, get yourself a tent


This Week End in London

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