Nothing worse for a froggie than a cup of bad coffee – too watery or bitter. We cherish places that serve it just right.

I have found the perfect little haven, just a street away from the Soho buzz. The address is mostly famous for its sublime gelato with fascinating flavours: watermelon, pineut and ricotta, clementine, saffron and vanilla… The Pierre Hermé of ice creams!

Their menu also propose amazing hot drinks such as bicerin (a specialty from Turin, an alchemy of dense chocolate with cream and espresso), caffe allo nocciola (on a spoonful of the most delicious hazelnuy paste), caffe allo zabaglione  and my favourite, caffé affogato, enriched with a scoop of hazelnut. be adventurous – you can ask for the ice-cream of your choice – montebianco  (chocolate, chestmut and rum) or pistachio are a match made in heaven. Choose one instead of desert, play with the textures and don’t hesitate to have another round!

7 Archer Street
London W1D 7AU