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Guerlain – Terracotta Light sheer bronzing powder

Golden letters, round and curled beautifully, Guerlain, like a secret code for elegance and beauty. Of all the luxurious brands, this one, to me, still has a soul. It means more than just fashion, it recreates the elegance of a past era where beauty was highlighted, not faked. The case reminds me of a pebble, polished by the waves, finding its place naturally in the warmth of your hand, monogrammed with transparent copper initials. It feels like opening a jewel box. Each time the same pleasure of discovering the meteorite effect, splashes of colours like an artist’s palette. Sun kissed petals. Guerlain describes these five hues as iridescent, a harmony. The fragrance is also a signature, poudre de riz enhanced with jasmine, bergamot, gardenia, ylang-ylang… Like holidays under the sun…

Guerlain –  Terracotta Light sheer bronzing powder

Guerlain - météoritesGuerlain - météorites Guerlain - météorites

Guerlain météorites

Rainbow pearls in a jewel box, a floral and slightly powdered fragrance, morning poetry to soften a rought world… Guerlain thought those météorites (French for meteors) like a light prism, each shadow completing the other, as you would for the most beautiful painting.

Guerlain météorites

(Thanks, Anais, for sharing this magic)

Escape from London: a few ideas for Paris

Ah, Paris, always a feast for the heart and the palate…

* Wander through the 9th arrondissement. Not the most touristic and yet, such an atmospheric place -  lots of bistrots, patisseries, independent shops and delis. A little village, a slower pace of life and you will even glimpse Montmartre.

* Stop by at the Cakes de Bertrand boutique. Nothing to do with the pastry but you will melt for the adorable vintage inspired jewels. You cannot walk by and not get one.

* Marvel at the beautiful jam collection at La chambre aux confitures. Summer tastes of fruit filled with sun and juices, floral fragrances such as raspberry and rose and even chocolate conconctions to die for. The cacao-Morello cherry is to be enjoyed straight with a spoon…

* On the Champs-Elysées, ignore Sephora. Go next door – number 68 – instead:  Guerlain is a temple of beauty indeed -  every bottle, every detail looks fit for the most gorgeous of boudoirs.

* Look out for street art, especially the refined drawings by Fred Le Chevalier, very poetic.

* A must stop for cake lovers : Un dimanche à Paris. This patisserie serves the best hot chocolate in town -  velvety and rich. The boutique is filled with amazing creations like fennel or rosemary in chocolate, raspberry and tarragon tartlets… Look at this succulent pistachio and red fruit cream puff – silkiness of the cream against the tangy tastes of the coulis and a heart of fresh fruit compote…

* At Sabre, fall for the collection of spoons (like I did).

* Rather than yet another guide, buy this sketchbook -  Paris as we love it, defying time.

* In the marché Saint-Germain, have a look at the Flanders cheesemonger. The names sound as little poems. Rovethym, Cabri aux épices, Figue rose…

* If you are passionate for tea, you will marvel at Jugetsudo. The shop offers a magical collection of tepots and high quality leaves and also serves perfect cups of Matcha, Gyokuro, Hojicha with a macaron, sweet or chocolate of your choice. A little expensive, from 12 to 15€, but the peaceful atmosphere and the perfection of the brew are so very worth it.

* Even if this is way over your budget step in the Hermès shop (17 rue de Sèvres). The atmosphere is very magical indeed and the staff will not pressure you with questiosn nor funny looks, on the contrary. The architecture at the heart of the building is splendid – fascinating huts of curved, braided wood, playing on transparency and illuminated from inside by a warm light.

* Resist, not resist? There always is a little treasure to be found at the Bon Marché


This Week End in London

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