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*GIVEAWAY* with Ricefield Collective

Two worlds meeting. Ours and theirs. Who? Amazing women in the Philippines. Let’s backtrack a little – in 2011 Meredith Ramirez Talusan travels to Hildalgo to do research for her dissertation. There, she learns that the locals are forced to leave their ancestral territoris (the Banaue ricefields, UNESCO protected) to find better wages in bigger cities. An idea – what if she could teach them to knit? The goods could then be sold to the tourists providing long term financial support.

And so a school and ethical business is born. Everything is handmade, each person employed directly by Ricefield Collective to make sure they get the right salary. And behind each piece, a joy in have created something that may travel to the other side of the earth. Each hat, scarf… comes with a picture of its maker. Nothing to do with numbers in a factory –  we are talking of a real community, a daily life. Have a look at the website to see these crafters - aren’t they brilliant, modelling their work?

Were you looking for a practical present, something with a meaning? Well, this is what you would call a gift that keeps on giving. The patterns and colours are modern and handmade. You will not find them in the shops, unlike those reproduced to infinity with a machine. In their own way, they reflect the beauty of a region. Even better, you know where the money goes, an invisible link between you and them. The miracle of a simple woolen thread…

Ricefield Collective is giving you a chance to win this Winnower hat and winnower cowl, inspired by the baskets used to use to separate rice grains from their chaff…
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How to play? Easy. Just leave us a comment below with an encouraging message to these women… They deserve it, don’t you think? The name of a lucky winner will be selected at random on December 12 at noon. Keyboard ready… Click!

A week-end in London: Feb 24-26, 2012

Daffodils, crocuses, snowdrops are peaking out. Hoorray, soon the outdoors will be ours again and life will get a pinkier shade…

That’s art baby:
* On Thursday, say bye to Nelson’s ship in a bottle on Trafalgar and hi to the new work of art. A golden child on  a rocking horse. I am still not convinced by it but well, at least the scenery changes.

* Knitting remains so, so trendy. Whether in pop-up shops or in street art.

* Pete Doherty has put a little of himself in each of his latest paintings – litterally, some blood. This way to see them.

Yummy time:
* We love the Candy Café. But the Boba Jam with its colourful desserts really triggers our curiosity. What do you think?

Take the little ones along:
* The Chelsea Theatre proposes a family film club every Saturday with games and activities. What a better way to start the week-end?
* Still on Saturday, you can see the Stepney farm and have a pancake for a mere £5.

Out of the ordinary:
* Go egg hunting -  40 giants ones have been decorated by designers and artists then hidden around town. Ready, steady…

* Thursday, go and listen to stories for adults, inspired by the mysterious atmosphere of the 19th century.

* Loved War Horse? Go and see the exhibition for free at the late night opening of the National Army Museum. This Friday.
* On Friday still, don’t forget the late opening at the V&A -  dedicated to Cecil Beaton, photographer to the Queen. Smile, pause, get a tiara!

* Love Drink, shop & do? You can dance there too -  every week-end!

* Sunday, join the Oxfam Rumble Jumble, empty your cupboards of unwanted clothes and refill them with new fun items.

* See la vie en green. Well, maybe just London. This eco-friendly site really makes you rediscover the city.

A week-end in London: Sept 02-04, 2011

I keep looking at my Filofax -  September? Summer has gone so fast.  Only one solution can balance this: shop. New work clothes, bags, accessorie, killer shoes. Autumn leaves will not slow me down. Alernatively, try those ideas to keep a sparkling mood!

* Make yourself all beautiful at this gorgeous vintage evening.

* Enjoy a crafty night market.

* Meat balls are the new trend and frankly, our mouth waters at the thought of those.

* Our youth video games music will be played by a classical orchestra on Southbank -  a great way to rediscover them.

* Start knitting and be part of a work of art at the Tate.

* Discover the smallest cathedral in London.

* Try those miniature games on Southbank for the biggest fun.

* Marvel at these childhood inspired posters at the London Transport Museum.

* Have mojitos and pizza aboard a double decker.

* Try urban gardening.

* Those nails of your could be masterpieces, you know.

* See London from above. Through fab drawing here. While sipping a cocktail here.

* We all have stoped at cafés just to use their free wifi. Well. now, we can go for a pint too.

* Mary Poppins might have been right about a spoonful of sugar but these days it is all about a spoonful of London honey

* Be on the lookout -  Terry Pratchett will stop in London to talk about his new book in October. Tickets will be on sale soon.

* Harry Potter fans will want to book those tours organised by Warner too -  you will get closer to the sets.

* Is you company installing of those free hives? Let us know! We’d love to write about it.



This Week End in London

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