Does not ring a bell? Oh, but you do know this artist. You admire his work each time you step in the V&A: this huge octopus like glass chandelier is one of his creations.

The Halcyon gallery has quite a few of his sculptures on show at the moment and I have been wowed by those. Photos are not permitted and those on the website do not reflect how impressive the colours and shapes are. The glass seems to have a life of its own, a movement, a will to bloom into flowers, fly towards the sky or burst into flames at the top of the stairs. Such expression and strength in a material which could shatter so easily!

The sight makes you wonder whether you have opened the door to another dimension. Shouldn’t there be an intriguing music in the background? Are those goin to move any minute? Those are made for spectacular places and appear regularly in sumptuous botanic gardens, taking their place naturally in luxurious flora. As in the Kew Gardens Victorian architecture a few years back. If you fancy a full size feel, make a detour to Park Lane and gasp at the Torchlight Chandelier, just in front of the Dorchester. Particularly beautiful at night, it seems to control the whole space.

Contemporary, yes. Lovecraftian, almost. Out of this world, really.

Halcyon Gallery

Chihuly - until March 31, 2012. Free.
144 – 146 New Bond Street
London W1S 2PF