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Pierre Hermé signing at Selfridges​, Friday 11th April

There was a time when any trip to Paris meant rushing to the nearest Pierre Hermé boutique to try the latest limited edition. Then, in 2010, the Picasso of pastry finally opened in Selfridges. Macaron addicts – those with a love for the perfect crunchiness and refined creativity – sighed in delight. No need to jump on the Eurostar. Neat rows of colourful macarons, the very best, just there, on our way back home (even if it meant a detour). On 11th April, the small counter will be replaced by a more luxurious space, still in the food court. There will be more treats – jams, pound cakes, chocolate, tea and even scented candles.

Pierre Hermé, yes, Pierre Hermé will be there. So grab your recipe books – he will be signing them. From 17:00 to 18:00. It’s quite a rare occasion to see him in London so don’t miss it. I had met him a few years back –  if you do read French, have a look. You can read Pierre Hermé’s interview here!

Take the time to have a look at his Easter collection, by the way. There is an Oeuf Galet, a tribute to the Pure Origine Pérou chocolate (a slightly lemony cacao), decorated with disks of different ganaches (yuzu, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, vanilla, salted caramel). At its core, you will find small chocolate eggs too (hazelnut, croquant nougatine…). It’s like an exquisite edible piñata! Just as elegant is the Oeuf Dentelle with its lace of intense Grand Cru Caraïbes 66%, filled with rich mini-eggs (Intense, Infiniment Praliné Noisette, Mathilda, Corso). Or would you prefer a family of chocolate rabbits?

On the dessert side, Satine is queen this season. Just imagine a beautiful unctuousness, cream-cheese-like with exotic passion fruit and zesty orange. A sunshine explosion, both fruity and with a slight acidity. Pierre Hermé has reinvented it in 9 recipes for the UK (he had done the same for his Infiniment Café collection, remember?): macaron, bonbon, nougatine, cake, calisson, pâte de fruits, nougat, jam and tea. Oh, your bag is sure to be much heavier on your way back home…

Pierre Hermé
Oxford Street
London W1A 1AB


Pierre Hermé Paris – Galette des rois 2014

It’s a French tradition. Every year, we celebrate epiphany with a King’s cake. Theoretically, it should be done once only. But well, as you find cross buns from January here these days… we fall for the galette des rois the whole month of January. It will be shared at the office –  whoever find the fève, the charm, will bring another one for the team. There will be the ones with friends, family. The kids will choose who the slices are for. It’s also a war. In the South, it is more of a brioched cake, candied fruit in Provence, sugar pearls around Bordeaux. Paris is butter, pastry and frangipane, an almond cream. The pâtissiers compete with new flavours each year. If you have to try one, start with the best, Pierre Hermé of course! The Ispahan flavour is on the menu, of course, a rich filling of raspberry, litchee, rose water. Talk about an experience in a single bite… But the 2014 creation will remind you of childhood days, rain on the windows, silence in the room, just the music of spoons. This one is the best vanilla rice pudding you could imagine, so tender, with a layer of intense caramel, light pastry. Elegance, refinement. No wonder we eat more than one… Sadly, you’ll have to be in Paris for this, the London shops do not do pastries yet. Although rejoice! La Pâtisserie des Rêves will soon be opening in Marylebone.

Make you life easier, you can order it online, collect it at the boutique. No wait, already nicely wrapped.

Pierre Hermé – Galette des rois

Pierre Hermé, Paris, cake, galette, galette des rois, riz au lait, caramel Pierre Hermé, Paris, cake, galette, galette des rois, riz au lait, caramel Pierre Hermé, Paris, cake, galette, galette des rois, riz au lait, caramel Pierre Hermé, Paris, cake, galette, galette des rois, riz au lait, caramel Pierre Hermé, Paris, cake, galette, galette des rois, riz au lait, caramel

A week-end in London: Feb 03-05, 2012

An Argentinian dream with Midnight Tango. Such a glamourous, seductive dance. Dresses seem to be flying around the dancers. And when the music speeds up, so does your heart, and so do the heels on the stage. Exceptional skills, not only of  Strictly Come Dancing’s Vincent and Flavia but of the whole troup. Do go and see it.

That’s art, baby!
* Knitting obsession.
* Step back in David Lynch‘s world.
* Redefine art.
* A poetic page.

Yummy time ahead:
* A special one for meat lovers.
* A suivre, donc! Try Pierre Hermé‘s new macaron: Jardin enchanté (Enchanted garden). Lime cream, a heart of cherries, a touch of Espelette chilli to wake up the tastebuds. There will be a different edition on the garden theme every month – do not miss any!

Love, love, love:
* Add some glitter with Tatty Devine on Thursday.
* 50 romantic ideas in London.

Take the little ones along:
* Get those roller skates out and spend a disco time with the family.
* Re-celebrate the Chinese New year.
* The Somerset House too has craft workshops for kids this week-end

Royal London:
* Discover Queen Elisabeth II’s life through Cecil Beaton’s pictures of her. At the V&A until April 22, 2012.

So British:
* The best pubs in London? Click this way. Cheers.
* This week-end, your pint could also be rock’n’roll.

Out of the ordinary:
* Daniel Radcliffe fan? Meet him Thursday evening.
* Walk through Dickens‘ world (free, no need to book)
* Street art gets colourful with Jimmy C.
* London plays the high tech card (yeah, it seems we have a budget for that)
* Saturday, see the best slices of Bollywood movies.
* Meet the London clowns and tip your hat to Grimaldi.
* Follow the street art. Litterally.
* Tropical extravagance at Kew Gardens.
* After the Chinese New Year, the Russian one. This will be on Sunday and on Trafalgar.
* Snowdrops are already blooming at the Chelsea Physics Garden.

Macarons make the world go round

Especially Pierre Hermé ones – their New Year wishes, illustrated by Nicolas Vial (whose cat boxes made our heart melt) just make you feel 2012 will be ever so sweet…


A week-end in London: Nov 04-06, 2011

Resistance is useless. It may only be early November but Christmas is everywhere – you can’t escape. The street lights have been switched on, with parties to celebrate the event. Shops have all switched the windows decoration to this w-ho-ho-ho-le new theme. Harrods is having their famous parade this Saturday. You can even find mince pie popcorn! Very commercial, of course but then again with the night now falling arounf 16.30, we all need a little mulled wine and fake snow to cheer us up. Merry London, everyone!

* Meet the macarons magician Pierre Hermé who will be signing his new book.

* Mrs Marmitelover’s underground market is the place to go this week-end. Just reading the description, you will be drroling.

* On Saturday, 300 hundred vintage cars will invade Regent street. Quite a view!

* Street art fan? You cannot miss Sick Boy’s latest show.

* Carnivorous friends will go hunting for this new pop-up.

* Poppies bloom on Boris’ bikes.

* Selfridge’s plans a white Xmas.

* The day of the dead, Mexican style, should spice up your Saturday at the Wellcome Collection.

* A free, artistic, relaxed and musical evening to forget the annoying sound of firecrackers.

* Make your own gin.

* Stop at the Soane Museum to marvel at Liliane Lijn’s utopian and light inspired work.

* See amazing pictures of the Rainforest lost paradise at the Somerset House.

* Fascinating objects of the past, this way.

* A brunch at the Savoy with jazz, now that is real class.

* End the week with real fireworks.


* The Secret Cinema is finally back -  get tickets, quick!
* Stephen Fry on stage? You cannot miss that.

Meet Pierre Hermé, the macaron magician

Just a bite of one of his macarons and all the others look like very pale copies.

Divine. A little bite of heaven. Light as a cloud. Daring alliances of flavours.

His chocolates and his pastries alike are work of arts -  poetry in a spoonful. His newsletters are mouthwatering, the descriptions alone will make you dream.

To meet this amazing magician, come to the Belgravia boutique (13 Lowndes Street) this Friday November 04, from 16.30 to  18.00. Pierre Hermé will be signing the English version (finally!) of his book Macaron – a wonderful opportunity to learm more about him, his inspirations and his latest creations.

Pierre Hermé magic

Pierre Hermé is the most admired pâtissier in France. Not a froggie who did not dance in joy when he opened his doors in Belgravia. Wanna know his secret?

This is not just another bite of a macaron.
This is an adventure.

Imagine the sweetest safari. Tastes can take you places. It all starts with the box and London has its own limited editions, the one that will make Parisian fans make a special detour… The illustrator,  Soledad Bravi, is particularly famous in France for her weekly drawings in Elle Magazine. Cute and funny.

Like for the most beautiful gift, wrapping matters, down to the art of folding paper around the treats.

All your senses are sharpened now. Marvel at the rainbow of colours, be seduced by the delicate aromas, feel your mouth water, find a little silver dust on your fingers, listen to the ever so discreet crunch as you take the first bite, mmmmhhh in pure happiness… The toughest really, is to decide which one to start with.

Pierre Hermé is a genius – you could call him a sugar alchemist. His macarons are light as a butterfly touch and extremely refined. Jewel like but exploding in flavours. He aims at surprising, experiencing, combining the most unexpected aromas. His summer collection, for example, presents a pea and mint treat – the very sweetness of the pea with the extra freshness of the herb. A mojito effect – truly amazing. You will convince yourself in not time that surely this is one of your 5 a day and order another 4 straight away.

The apricot-pistachio – as if you were taking a mouthful of the fruit right after picking it up from the tree. Same texture, its sweet-sour side tempered by a sublime pistachio paste…

Chocolate-passion fruit. Tangy and soothing. Like a tango dance…

Liquorice-violet – both fragrances play around each other and remind me of childhood sweets… Quite a success, I would love to see it declined as a chocolate and a jam.
Ah, the rose one – everyone’s favourite… Not to be missed, you will fall in love with it. Pure romantisme, makes your heart beat faster.

Coffee. A classic? Oh, no. This is pure, real, strong, tasty coffee that will make click your tongue in appreciation…

Jasmine – imagine the flowers on a warm summer night… Bottle it, infuse a ganache, this is exactely it. A poem. Only lasts a few seconds, though, as you are left with only crumbs in no time…

Pistachio – forget the fake aromas you might have tried in the past. This is the best quality you could ever find. Michelin star kind of quality. I love to leave it a few minutes in the sun to make the cream melt just a little…

Whether you are classic or adventurous, raspberry or strawberry-wasabi, there always is the perfect one to fit your mood or your celebration. You might think that macarons are ever so trendy and everywhere these days. True. Unforgettable macarons, though, are pretty rare. Those are just… unique.

Pierre Hermé also adds his magic to amazing chocolates. And, oh, how you will melt…

This is the haute-couture of chocolates. Lemony yuzu lingering on tastebuds… Fresh ginger… Mousse of salted caramel… The most exquisite cacao… Infused cinnamon… and why not a touch of salt, velvety, with a dash of olive oil and black olives? Yes it does work, it sings of the south of France, of aperitif time, of sitting in the sun.

Another guest star -  the jam fairy, Christine Feber, has declined the signature desserts for PH. It would be difficult to choose a favourite, really, but do try the layered one. Put them on the breakfast table, tight in that ray of sunshine to show them off. The secret is to dip your spoon to the very bottom to enjoy all the flavours.

It take only one bite, you know, to get addicted… You will be saying Pierre Hermé forever! whithin seconds.

Pierre Hermé in London
*13 Lowndes Street
London SW1X

* Selfridges & Co
Food Hall
400 Oxford Street
London W1A 1AB

A mmmmhhh-acaron time with the new Pierre Herme boutique

Gourmets and Sweet Things addicts had applauded the opening of a Pierre Herme counter @  Selfridge’s at the beginning of the year.

Still, they were hungry for more. This is so refined we did not want to share it with other shoppers or varied departments. We wanted it a bit secluded, a gift to ourselves, a treasure box for these sugary gems.

And o joy, a Pierre Herme boutique has opened just yesterday in Belgravia. The splendid cakes are not there yet – something we hope is in their plans, though. The macarons are a feat for the eyes -  like a necklace a pastel pearls… Even the names are like a poem: Arabesque, Eden, Mogador, Pietra…

The shelves are loaded with wonders too. Fruit jellies to die for with exotic combinations such as Constellation: ornage-strawberry-cardamom… Jams fit for a breakfast in heaven (Envie: violet-blackcurrant… Montobello: strawberry and pistachio)… Chocolates to go mad for – try the ganache with a passionfruit layer! Even flavoured to make oyu forget Earl Grey forever… my favourite is Yu – yuzu, apple, citrus. One tends to read the descriptions in a whisper, voice rough with anticipation, mouth watering already…

Noone can resist this place: choose a selection (I paid £7.30 for 6 macarons) and have a gorgeous picnic in Hyde Park!

Love @ fist bite:
- Olive oil-vanilla: surprising isn’t it? Sweet, the olive oil is the final note. Amazingly different.
- Peach-apricot-saffron: each falvour is so very distinct. this melts perfectly in your mouth…
- Apricot-pistachio: with a pistachio praline heart. Why did I take only one of those?

Are you hesitating with Laduree? Let me put it that way. I would get a Laduree box for a variety of people as thank yous. But a Pierre Herme macaron calls for selfishness. You either indulge yourself or share it with very precious friends…

Pierre Herme
13 Lowndes St
London Sw1

Pssst: turn the corner, in the nearby street is the so delicious chocolatier Rococo


This Week End in London

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