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*GIVEAWAY* 2 tickets for Hidden Universe at the Science Museum

Hidden Universe. I mostly imagine space – pictures here and there, magazines, discovery channels, patched with my own ideas of it. A real and surreal space.

The Science Museum has a breathtaking documentary in 3D at the moment, presenting real pictures, taken by Hubble and other super-powerful telescopes. You will escape to Mars, get closer to the sun, admire the birth of star, a galaxy unfolding. A stellar landscape we rarely get to see. And in 3D, wow, imaging, what an immersive journey through the cosmos, discovering a few of it secrets, knowing there is still so much more to learn, what exciting discoveries await in our lifetime?

And great news – we have two tickets for you to win – any date you want, to be used before the end of December 2013. Just leave us a comment below explaining why space fascinates you. Wish upon a star! The lucky winner will be selected at random Friday December 13 at 10.00. Good luck!

Hidden Universe
Science Museum
Exhibition Road
South Kensington

A week-end in London: June 08-10, 2012

Bye-bye Jubilee, hello Olympic Games. What a year for the Union Jack, flags flying in the breeze from Oxford Street to Covent Garden, decoarting everything from pubs to bikes… This week-end, our ideas for London include a few green ones, just in case you cannot take any more blue, white and red.

Take the little ones along:
* How about a kids special open air movie? It’s free!

* Make a detour via the Science Museum to introduce them to classical music.

A little touch of green:
* Go green and visit places usually closed to the public during the Open Garden Square week-end.

* Loved the ceramic flowers at the Somerset House? Go and see these new artistic blooms.

* Be green at this eco-friendly fair in Regent’s Park.

* Marvel at David Nash’s natural sculptures at Kew Gardens. Amazing.

Out of the ordinary:
* Try a biscuit-astic festival.

* On Thursday,  join the Puma creative factory exhibition at Boxpark. 12 artists have imagined a design for the new First round sneakers.

It does not come cheap but if you ever dreamt of sleeping with the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum (without the kids), here is your chance.

* Do you love to ride your bike through London? Ever thought of  joining the World Naked Bike Ride?

* Rainy week-end? Go and see the best anime movies at the BFI.

* Did you know Joseph Grimaldi’s grave is musical?

Universe of Sound: The Planets

Do you remember your very first experience of classical music? The one that made you listen to cartoons differently? I do – it was Peter and the wolf. I recall precisely how fascinated that a not could so echo a step, a feeling, the clarity of it all. I am older now – the feeling has faded slightly or maybe I am not taking the time to stop and sit, always trying to do several things at once. But if you want to be amazed by a philharmonia orchestra once again, be completely wowed by it, make a detour for the Universe of Sound: The Planets at the Science Museum. 132 instruments have been filmed, each section presented on giant screens. Room after room, you get the chance to focus on details, on techniques – the grace of a movement on the harp, the position of the flute right under the lip and not against as I always thought it was, the dreamy and appreciative gaze of a musician. You can choose to move your seat wherever you wish in the room – I like to be at the very center, feeling at the heart of the concert, shivers on my spine, wrapped in the intensity. One setting is inspired by planetariums, the scenes all above and around you -  very impressive. Further, you can try and direct the orchestra via an interactive screen showing you the movement and reflecting yours – not as easy as you thought it would be and this will renew your respect for those skills. You could also try and play drums, xylophones thanks to real instruments and guiding – yet fun -  videos.  A wonderful (re)discovery of classical music as well for adults than for kids.

Universe of Sound: The Planets, free, until July 08, 2012
The Science Museum
Exhibition Rd
South Kensington

A week-end in London: May 25-28, 2012

A little love at the heart of the urban jungle. See, street art can be so easy, a little sticker and you can bring a smile to a total stranger. Now what will you do of this sunny week-end? Nothing planned yet? Scroll down, we have a few ideas for London.

That’s art baby:

* Love Damien Hirst but do not want to pay the Tate Modern fee to see his retrospective? See his latest paintings at the White Cube for free instead.

* Christopher Boffoli’s miniature world is sure to leave you with a smile on.

* Photography gets out of focus at the Saatchi.

* Wow. At the Science Museum you can lead a digital 132 pieces Philharmonia Orchestra

Yummy time ahead:

* A delicious walk for gourmet Londoners this way.

* Too hot? Stop at Chin Chin Labs to try ice creams made with liquid nitrogen. Amazing to see et ever so delicious.

Out of the ordinary:

* Geocaching fan? There is quite a hunt on Thursday in Greenwich.

* On Friday, dinner is served at the V&A for their late evening theme.

* Not to be missed -  the world famous Chelsea Flower Show of course. Don’t forget to walk around the neighbourhood, the shops make a special effort to bloom with creativity.

* Find a bargain at Soho’s flea market on Sunday.

* Can’t find a good book to read? Bibliotherapy will find the dream one for you…

Hexen 2:0 by Suzanne Treister

Hexen 2.0 is a fabulous collection of works by Susan Treister. I have just devoured the book but those also are on show at the Science Museum until April 30 and at the Work Gallery until May 12. And believe me -they really are worth seeing those life-size.

Through tarot cards, we discover the story of technologies through military programs, American news, the evolution of web 2.0, the search engines, mass manipulation through modern medias…  Whether or not you know the references used, you will fin this utterly hypnotising. So very up to date, such a level of detail -  you want to google madly to know more about each page. The interpretation is all yours: are we doomed? Being played? Or are the card actually in our hands?

A new generation kind of art which can be summed up with one of the artist’s slides: WW1. WW2. WWW. See this. At the Science Museum or get the book or both.

Suzanne Treister
Hexen 2.0 at the Science Museum until April 30, 2012. Free.
Suzanne Treister: HEXEN 2.0/Literature, until May 11, 2012 at the Work Gallery, free

Suzanne Treister: HEXEN2.0/Literature

A week-end in London: Dec 01-03, 2011

My advice of the week? Go for a Christmas afternoon tea at the Mandeville hotel. They had already won my heart (and my stomach) with their traditional version and I fell for that one too. Tangerine tartlet with a touch of gold, light but delicious Stollen the best scones in town, mince pies to die for, cupcakes decorated as a Christmas tree, a brownie teaxture to the chocolate cake with a touch of mint… What better way to celebrate the season before, during or after a shopping session? Even better, match it to one of theur fantastic cocktails -  the Via con me is a drink-it-up tiramisu version and the Dragonfly is very Turkish Delight like… You will be back for more!

‘Tis the season to be jolly:
* The Xmas tree dresses up in Legos at St Pancras.
* Don’t forget the Pudding Race!
* Woodlands get enchanted.
* Celebrate Xmas with a Swedish touch -  gorgeous food and drinks, ski lodge atmosphere and soft furs…

That’s art, baby:
* Open space and green!
* Robots invade the Science Museum.

Yummy time:
* Shhh -  a secret place for Whisky lovers.
* The Real Food Market gets festive.
* Learn to cook Tudor style at Hampton Court.

December, your best excuse to do some shopping:
* Do your shopping at this night market. Chinese lanterns and DJ – what a lovely atmosphere!

Out of the ordinary:
* Turn back the clock and head for a sensational Victorian evening.
* Brave the cold.
* Fingercross for a chance to see the Cointreau Cabaret.
* Beat that winter-blues with a ray or two of light.
* Discover Mrs Marmite Lover’s London.

Post-it for the week-end: Feb 11-13, 2011

Spring’s on the way! The first daffodils and will soon bring a golden touch to the city. I don’t know about you but the thought of it just brings energy back!

- Wonder what the Science museum could have been thinking: visits disguised as… a coakroach?!
- Click, don’t forget the National Portrait Gallery’s late night on Friday…
- Drink to love with Hendrick’s!
- Rediscover the streets of the Old London
- Are you a Roky Horror Picture Show Fan? The Prince Charles Cinema has a singalong on Friday – just get a crazy outfit and join!
- Children have their festival too: storytellers, musicians, puppeteers…
- Join a photo project
- Underground restaurants do breakfast too!
- Go street art hunting
- Beautiful pictures of Marilyn
- Have a coffee in a train
- What? Collagen on the menu?
- Why not join a cinema on a rooftop?
- Shop vintage
- A new concept: eco-dating
- A… different kind of Valentine idea @ the Little shop of horrors…
- Unless you prefer a Victorian themed one?
- Single or not, have a look at the menu @ Café Luc -  mouthwatering, hey?
- Follow the fox


This Week End in London

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