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Win tickets for LIMBO at London Wonderground

Limbo is back at London Wonderground. It’s amazing. It’s hypnotising. It’s fabulous. Super skilled circus acts mixed with burlesque – you will want to clap from start to finish. On the ground, in the air, with extraordinary dance moves and live music that makes your blood pulse even faster, you will be in awe, I assure you.

And hey, we have two tickets for you to win for the date of your choice in May. Have a look at the trailer and just leave us a comment below with the adjective that describes it best in your opinion. The lucky winner will be selected at random on May 20 at noon.

Limbo at London WondergroundUntil August 17, 2014


More than a theater play, Babel is… a life experience, another way to conceive a show. The story – although rich, funny and moving – is almost secondary. It all begins at the entrance of a park, for yes, it all takes place outdoors. The guests step in, welcomed in a variety of languages. On each side of the path, you can glimpses little scenes through the branches, frozen minutes into someone’s world, a movement reproduced a thousand time. Here, someone is ironing in the tree, another preparing vegetables on a bench, someone is reading a book aloud, another dining alone, looking worried… 50 or so raise your curiosity. Here and there, other characters wearing white, modern angels, smile at you, explaining mysteriously “Look hard”, “See more”, “The day has come”…

Suddenly, the way opens onto a meadow. In the background, a bells tower rising high, futuristic looking tents. Impossible to guess what will happen tonight. No specific stage, no seat. You are free to wander around, talk to the actors, discover everything. You will learn to knit, make a little piece of a plasticine city, have a drink, listen to the most beautiful talk on languages, a choir, a concert. It has a village fête feeling to it, a cheerfulness.

And then the story starts, actions happen all around you, sometimes a few steps away. Froms spectator, you switch to belonging to it all, you are in the very heart of it, the actors (300) do not only speak to each other, they include you, the crowd, their crowd. No moment is static. See here on the stage and oh, wait on the towers, and there projected on the stone wall. It is a show not to be watched but to be lived, making you want to do something for the universe you are immersed in. Spectacular indeed, unforgettable. What is it about? Peopl on their own and groups, the strength of community and the bravery of individuals, communications beyond language, freedom and so much more. You just have to be there and see this.

BABEL,until May 20, 2012

Indulge yourself with a ticket £10 for Sunday May 13 by calling 020 7223 2223 or visit promo code: Blogger.

A week-end in London: Feb 03-05, 2012

An Argentinian dream with Midnight Tango. Such a glamourous, seductive dance. Dresses seem to be flying around the dancers. And when the music speeds up, so does your heart, and so do the heels on the stage. Exceptional skills, not only of  Strictly Come Dancing’s Vincent and Flavia but of the whole troup. Do go and see it.

That’s art, baby!
* Knitting obsession.
* Step back in David Lynch‘s world.
* Redefine art.
* A poetic page.

Yummy time ahead:
* A special one for meat lovers.
* A suivre, donc! Try Pierre Hermé‘s new macaron: Jardin enchanté (Enchanted garden). Lime cream, a heart of cherries, a touch of Espelette chilli to wake up the tastebuds. There will be a different edition on the garden theme every month – do not miss any!

Love, love, love:
* Add some glitter with Tatty Devine on Thursday.
* 50 romantic ideas in London.

Take the little ones along:
* Get those roller skates out and spend a disco time with the family.
* Re-celebrate the Chinese New year.
* The Somerset House too has craft workshops for kids this week-end

Royal London:
* Discover Queen Elisabeth II’s life through Cecil Beaton’s pictures of her. At the V&A until April 22, 2012.

So British:
* The best pubs in London? Click this way. Cheers.
* This week-end, your pint could also be rock’n’roll.

Out of the ordinary:
* Daniel Radcliffe fan? Meet him Thursday evening.
* Walk through Dickens‘ world (free, no need to book)
* Street art gets colourful with Jimmy C.
* London plays the high tech card (yeah, it seems we have a budget for that)
* Saturday, see the best slices of Bollywood movies.
* Meet the London clowns and tip your hat to Grimaldi.
* Follow the street art. Litterally.
* Tropical extravagance at Kew Gardens.
* After the Chinese New Year, the Russian one. This will be on Sunday and on Trafalgar.
* Snowdrops are already blooming at the Chelsea Physics Garden.

Burlexe – the power of glamour

Fascinated by Dita Von Teese ?
This show will give you the most amazing opportunity to step through the looking glass. Discover the story of burlesque through monologues, historical anecdotes, dances and songs -  all in the most sexy atmosphere.

Those gorgeous women lay bare their heart, soul and body with an empowering skill to captivate, hypnotise their audience, make them smile, sprinkle star dust at every move.

On the stage will be the famour Jo King, the godmother of burlesque in the UK, founder of the London Academy of Burlesque and teacher to the current crop of burlesque stars including Polly Rae of the Hurly Burly Show…

Other ambassadors of that art of the glamour will join in : Fancy Chance, Kiki Kaboom et Dinah Might.

Glitters in sight !

When: 4 preview shows: 7pm on 1st, 15th, 22nd and 29th June 2011
Where: The Shadow Lounge, 5-7 Brewer Street, London, W1F 0RF
How much: £20 (strictly preview price)


This Week End in London

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