Know what I like best in London? The cheerful touch of crazyness, the freedom to be creative, different.
Example -  this guy who decided one day to commute by canoe-kayak. Fabulous. I have been searching for an equivalent since (as there is no canal on my way to the office).
Meanwhile, here is a cocktail of plans to enjoy the so British city this week-end:

* David Lynch fan? Twin Peaks is back, just for one night this Thursday.

* Free ice-cream at Dri Dri on Friday. Come on, you can’t say no to this.

* Stop at the Scoop – free theatre on Friday and this week-end.

* Calling all chocaholics – check out those yummy walks!

* Wake up the sumo in you -  it is all for a good cause.

* Get your ticket for Taste of London – quite expensive but you will not be able to resist the menus for long.

* Pretend you’re in Tokyo and have a karaoke party. This hotel dedicates rooms with cocktails and outfits.

* Musicals take over Trafalgar.

* Black Peper? Lavander? Marmite? Paul A Young just opened his new Soho shop.

* Smile with this dog show. Lookalike competition: which 4-pawed-cutie will look the closest to Queen Victorias’ dog? Which other will be the best Victorian fashioned?

* Find happiness (and/or a good bargain) at Wimbledon’s car boot sale, the best around according to Time Out.

* Tea in a park? Yes, call it med-tea-tation.

* 10 ideas for Southbank.

* Party time on Marylebone: farmers’ market, foodie stalls, animations, salsa, concerts… Café Luc will be there too, serving mussels in a saffron sauce. Oh, and their fab cocktails too, of course.

* Ignore cinema chains. Independant ones have so much more charm.

* What if it rains? Have a virtual walk.

* On June 20th, sing a little opera.
* On June 21, meet Tracey Emin at Selfridges: she will be opening a pop-up concept store there.